Popular Justice in Times of Transition (19th and 20th Century Europe)

This book is published with the financial support of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

is a researcher at the Istituto storico italo-germanico in Trento of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler since 2011. She studied in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain and was visiting fellow at the University of Montpellier as well as Tunis. She holds a PhD from the European University Institute Florence on popular politicization and religious practices (1780-1850). Her publications include Le catéchisme politique allemand: un prêche sur l’autel du citoyen (2014) and, with Emmanuel Berger, Popular justice in Europe (18th-19th Centuries) (2014).

is Professor of Legal and Social history at the Universidade Federal da Paraíba (Brazil). His published work include (co-edited with Clive Emsley), Police and Public Order in France and England (1750-1850), Crime, histoire & Sociétés/Crime, History & Societies, 20/1 (2016), (with Emilie Delivré), Popular justice in Europe (18th- 19th Centuries) (2014), (with Heinz-Gerhard Haupt), Popular Protest and Violence in 19 Century Europe. Perspectives from Current Historiography, European Review of History, 20/6 (2013), and La justice pénale sous la Révolution. Les enjeux d’un modèle judiciaire libéral (2008).

was born in Nürnberg in 1971. 2001 Dr. iur. (Univ. of Regensburg), 2006 Dr. iur. habil. (Univ. of Regensburg), 2005-2008 Professor of Civil Law, Legal History, and Canon Law at the University of Konstanz, since 2008 Professor of Civil Law, German and European Legal History, and Canon Law at the University of Regensburg, since 2017 Member of DFG-Graduiertenkolleg 2337/1 "Metropolität in der Vormoderne", for further information please see www.martin-loehnig.de.

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Editore: Il Mulino

Pubblicazione online: 2017
Isbn edizione digitale: 9788815335470
DOI: 10.978.8815/335470

Pubblicazione a stampa: 2017
Isbn edizione a stampa: 9788815271723
Collana: Contributi/Beitrage dell'Istituto storico italo-germanico in Trento
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